Redefine Success

What’s the old saying “It takes 7 days to create a habit”? I may be off on that a little, but you get the picture. I suppose with the new year there are an influx of goal setting and life changing articles out there so I have seen a lot floating around about habits of successful people.

Now, to me “successful people” can be defined in many different ways. The term success in itself is simply to accomplish your goals. Success can be measured by the big picture: relationships, career, financial freedom, travel, etc. but it’s the small successes that I think sometimes get undervalued. It seems to me that success sometimes triggers a bit of anxiety in some, because its usually thought of in terms of the big picture as in “I am just not where I thought I would be in my life right now.”

What people don’t think about are the smaller day to day successes. For some it could be finalizing a huge project at work, or getting your child dressed without a huge tantrum, for other’s who could be going through hard times it could be just getting out of the bed that day and getting some fresh air. WE are our own biggest critic, and it’s very hard to hush that voice in our head when sometimes it is so damn loud. Be proud of your every day triumphs and soon those big successes will fall into place.

So, back to those articles about tips of successful people. The one thing I keep seeing over and over is this… they wake up early! Talk about a tough habit to put into place. Not only does it say this in almost all articles about this topic, but they also have a daily morning routine to kick start their day. I have to say I am still in the process of working on this habit, I am at least up before 7:00, but getting any routine done other than catching up on Real Housewives and drinking coffee hasn’t really happened yet. I do feel more productive on the (rare) days I get up early, make a plan and even exercise, so there is obviously something to it, but for now I am a work in progress. Maybe I will try the 7 day thing…


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