Be Positive


I found this on pinterest recently, which led me to this blog. I couldn’t agree with it more! So, in light of a positive movement with Leopard and Lavender here are a few things I am LOVING now…

  • My sweet little three year old telling me “You are the best mommy ever”
  • The recent snow days that allow my family to stop and just be instead of always having somewhere to go or something to do
  • Reese Witherspoon’s instagram and her recent girls trip to Napa…gotta love time with your girls.
  • Jessica Murnane of OnePartPlant. I heard an interview with her on and I love how she explained why she says she eats a “plant based diet” instead of using the words vegetarian or vegan.  Take a listen here if you are interested.

In the realm of thought, there are two main categories: thoughts of love and thoughts of fear. Every single moment, we choose between the two. If I think with love, then I am more likely to behave lovingly and to attract love from others. If my heart is closed, I am more likely to act out of fear. Fear-based behavior tends not to look like fear but like anger or jealousy; it elicits reactions from others that reflect my fear and not my love.

Marianne Williamson from





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