Make your heart happy. My three year old said to me one day “That makes my heart so happy”. I thought it was the sweetest thing I had  ever at the time (I even wrote it down to remember it!) and it wasn’t until later that I realized how profound it really was to me. Life is really as simple as that, making your heart happy, literally and figuratively.

I had been pondering what my mantra, meaning, purpose, etc. was and it just came upon me through my toddler. Make your heart happy, however you can. Exercise, feed your body well, feed your Soul often, listen, make time, laugh, love, let go. Dance whenever you can, read on the beach until sunset, have a cocktail, play, make your home your sanctuary, find your passion and most of all love who you are.

So that’s what you will find here, things that make my heart happy and how I work each day to say “That makes my heart so happy”  and I hope that on the way I can help someone else on their journey to make their heart happy.


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